Guidelines for Adjunct (Non-Salaried) Faculty Promotions

Promotion application materials are submitted directly to OSCEP for administrative screening.

To apply for an Adjunct Faculty Promotion:

Step 1: Notify OSCEP of the intent to apply for a promotion.

Contact: Darin Ritchie, Academic Programs Specialist

Step 2: Submit the required promotion application material (see section below) to OSCEP.

Contact: Darin Ritchie, Academic Programs Specialist

Step 3: OSCEP reviews each application to ensure that it contains all of the required documentation.

Step 4: OSCEP forwards each promotion application to the appropriate department by September 1st, unless the department sets an earlier close date.

Step 5: Application review completed by the Carver College of Medicine by November

Step 6: Application review completed by the Board of Regents by May

Required Promotion Application Material:

  • Updated CV demonstrating increased teaching effort, scholarship, and leadership
  • Minimum of three letters of support documenting these efforts
  • Teaching evaluations from the last three years, ideally starting from candidate's appointment at their current rank
  • Personal statement (1-2 pages) describing candidate’s teaching responsibilities, style, and philosophy
  • Examples of any publications or other evidence of professional productivity, if available
  • If applying to the rank of Professor, the candidate should include a demonstration of leadership in their area of expertise