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The Office of Statewide Clinical Education Programs (OSCEP) was established in 1974 as a division of the Carver College of Medicine’s administration. OSCEP has had principal responsibility for developing and coordinating collegiate outreach programs for medical education and community service.

OSCEP coordinates the College’s community-based medical education – involving medical students and residents – through six regional medical education centers affiliated with the College. OSCEP also oversees the UI-Affiliated Family Practice Training Network and the College’s Visiting Professor Program. In combination, these community-based medical education programs constitute the Statewide Medical Education System.

The community-based education efforts are complemented by community service programs, supporting private medical practitioners and community hospitals. OSCEP also operates tracking systems that monitor the state’s physician workforce, as well as the workforces in dentistry, pharmacy and other health professions.

 - Greg Nelson, Assistant Dean and Director


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